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Meet Heath

I'm Heath Goodson, a Certified Kingdom Advisor with over two decades of experience in ministry and finance. My journey started in full-time church ministry, where I shared lessons on generosity and biblical financial principles. Transitioning to finance in 2004, I worked at JPMorgan Chase and later Morgan Stanley before establishing my practice under LPL Financial in 2020.

Maintaining a Fiduciary standard for advisory clients, I hold licenses including Series 6, 7, 63, and 66, all held through LPL Financial and an Insurance License. Beyond work, I cherish time with my family on our 8-acre property, indulge in hobbies like hunting and pickleball, and share biblical finance insights with church groups. My greatest fulfillment comes from the financial success of my clients, driven by genuine care and prioritizing your interests.



What Does 3C Stand For?

At 3C Financial Services, my name encapsulates my guiding principles: Competence, Compassion, and Confidence. These values drive every aspect of my approach, seeking that you receive exceptional financial guidance tailored to your needs.

Your Financial Success, My Expertise
My competence is evident in the results delivered through 3C Financial. I combine years of experience and hard-earned wisdom with a deep, personal commitment to your financial well-being and to helping you receive the best possible advice.

More Than an Advisor, Your Financial Partner
Beyond the numbers, 3C Financial understands that financial decisions are deeply personal. I approach your financial needs with compassion, taking the time to understand your unique situation, including the emotional aspects of your financial journey. I'm not just an advisor; I'm your partner in success.

Empowering Your Financial Choices
The blend of Competence and Compassion are what allow those who walk with me the Confidence to face life in good times and challenging times like a tree that never waivers in the face of winds.

financial guidance rooted in biblical principles

We Share Your Christian Values

At 3C Financial, we pride ourselves on offering financial guidance rooted in biblical principles. Our advisor is a Certified Kingdom Advisor® through Kingdom Advisors, ensuring you receive trustworthy, faith-based financial advice tailored to your unique needs.

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Who Needs a Financial
Planning Advisor?

At 3C Financial, I go beyond traditional financial advising. I become your valued partner on your life's financial journey, offering personalized guidance that extends beyond numbers. With a Biblical approach, I'm invested in your financial well-being.

As retirement approaches, it's crucial to make informed decisions about your investments and pensions. I specialize in optimizing your retirement income so that you can enjoy your golden years with confidence.

Entrepreneurs and business owners face unique financial challenges. 3C Financial will give the business of your family success, the same diligence you give to your vocational business.  The reason you are in business is to provide for your family and 3C will be devoted to matching the success of your business in your family finances.

Whether you're looking to preserve your legacy or ensure a smooth transfer of assets to your heirs, my specialization in estate planning can help you navigate complex legal and financial considerations.

For families, financial priorities often revolve around saving for children's education, buying a home, and protecting your loved ones with the right insurance coverage. Beyond these universal concerns, I will provide guidance and framework for conversations that define the family legacy you wish to create.  From philanthropic deisres, values of contentment, joy and generosity that you want to pass through every branch of your family tree.  I’ll work closely with you to create a comprehensive plan that aligns with your family's goals.

3C is dedicated to providing personalized guidance that is conversational, personable, and focused on your unique needs. Let's embark on this journey together and build a secure financial future.


Discover how 3C Financial sets itself apart by offering personalized financial services guided by faith and compassion. From retirement planning to asset management, find answers to your financial questions and learn about my unique approach.

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Bridging Gaps, Creating
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Explore how 3C Financial aims to leverage its financial expertise to bridge gaps and provide distinct solutions for your financial success.